Practice Makes Perfect: A Creative Retreat in North Devon

Praktyka implies ‘practice’ in Polish,” discusses Henry Trew. “Which’s something that we have actually been pursuing in our lives: that balance in between being hectic with work, discovering time for an individual life, and having the ability to likewise establish an imaginative practice, whether that’s yoga or art. It has to do with discovering sufficient hours in the day to do the important things you wish to do. That’s what we wished to map onto this location.”

” This location” is a verdant corner of North Devon, where Henry and his partner, Ania Wawrzkowicz, have actually developed a slow-growing eco retreat called Praktyka that provides vacation lodging, workshops, and retreats.

the heartwood at praktyka, north devon. 9
Above: The Heartwood at Praktyka, North Devon.

5 years back, the couple evacuated their East London lives and went on a research study journey throughout Europe. “We had a loose concept to discover someplace with a little land to make a house for ourselves and to establish a job that would bring other individuals together through lodging and imaginative workshops,” Henry discusses. “We had a vision, however we didn’t truly have a comprehensive strategy.”

Throughout their journey– which took them through Poland, France, Spain, France, and Portugal– Ania kept in mind on the locations they ‘d remained, making a list of what operated in each area. “We constantly asked ourselves: What was fantastic about this location? Why why did it work? What aspects would we like to incorporate into our future life?” Ania discovered the note pad just recently and discovered a fictional map she had actually drawn of what that life may appear like. “Seeing it once again, I might see how it associates extremely carefully to what we have actually developed here.”

the heartwood, praktyka. 10
Above: The Heartwood, Praktyka.

In 2019, their journey brought them to the edge of Exmoor, where they discovered a 19th-century farmhouse with sufficient land to understand their vision. Deal with the task started simply as lockdown hit. Over the next number of summer seasons, when borders were still challenging to cross, the UK experienced a boom in the glamping market: “It appeared everybody was installing bell camping tents and shepherd huts in their garden,” Henry remembers. “We wished to do something with a bit more believed behind it.”

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