ORICO 2.5-inch external USB 3.0 disk drive enclosure evaluation

A quality budget plan 2.5-inch disk drive enclosure at a rock-bottom cost that’s likewise light-weight and well worth an appearance.

ORICO’s fundamental 2.5-inch USB 3 disk drive enclosure is a low-priced fundamental method to link a disk drive or SSD to your Mac It’s a basic USB 3 enclosure for around $7 to $8, however there is likewise a USB-C variation for around $10.

The enclosure set is basic, as it includes the enclosure, a stick-on foam drive installing pad, one brief USB 3 disk drive cable television, and a little user’s manual.


Like ORICO’s retro cassette USB enclosure , which we evaluated formerly, package is made from top quality plastics and puts together with no tools. Both halves of the enclosure just move together.

The enclosure is offered in black, white, navy blue, and pink, with a design variety of 25PW1-U3.

The case is exceptionally light- made from top quality ABS plastics, and weighs around 2 ounces. ABS is a high-impact plastic created to stand up to drops and is resistant to fractures.

Total the enclosure feels strong, however not heavy, and has actually rounded edges and diagonal lines throughout the top and bottom.

The enclosure is simply hardly bigger than many 2.5-inch drives and can quickly slip into a pocket. Case measurements are 130mm X 80mm X 14.5 mm.


(* )Installing your drive in the enclosure and assembling it is simple. You just peel the offered foam pad’s support, use it to your drive, and place your drive into the enclosure – making certain it links strongly to the internal SATA and power ports.

There are no screws, as the drive system is kept in by friction just. As soon as set up, you move the leading plastic cover onto the bottom till it clicks.

There is a small concealed white power/activity LED under the case’s plastic on the top, simply beside the USB port. (* )As soon as put together, you can plug the drive into your Mac by means of the offered USB cable television and format it utilizing Apple’s Disk Energy. The offered USB cable television is a bit brief at simply over a foot, so if you require a longer cable television you’ll need to find one in other places.


ORICO declares the enclosure supports 5Gbps USB transfer, and supports SATA 3.0, USB 3.0, and any 7mm-9.5 mm 2.5-inch disk drive or SSD.UASP procedure is likewise supported.

In our tests utilizing a brand name brand-new 1TB Silicon Power A55 SSD drive, Blackmagic’s Disk Speed app reported 410 MB/sec composes and 419.5 MB/s checks out. This is somewhat much faster on composes and somewhat slower on checks out than the previous ORICO cassette USB enclosure we evaluated.

These speeds are a little slower than the marketed 5Gbps information rate, however not by much. Understand the general USB bus speed can be affected by other gadgets on the bus, latency, and other concerns.

You’ll get somewhat much faster speeds with the USB-C variation, however we have not evaluated it yet.

Total, considering its exceptionally low expense, ORICO’s most affordable fundamental USB enclosure offers excellent worth for the cost. It’s an easy, fundamental, user friendly enclosure. (* )It’s not a barn-burner performance-wise, however it is appropriate for many jobs.

Orico 2.5-inch External USB 3 Disk Drive Enclosure– Pros


Little, light-weight, quiet


    SATA 3 and 5 Gbps per 2nd assistance
  • .
  • Tool-free, simple setup

  • .
  • Low-cost

  • .
  • Power/activity LED

  • .
  • Orico 2.5-inch External USB 3 Disk Drive Enclosure– Cons

  • .

Typical efficiency


    Brief USB cable television
  • .
  • No rubber feet

  • .
  • Score: 3.5 out of 5

  • Where to purchase

You can acquire the enclosure at a range of outlets consisting of on Amazon for $8, eBay, and


for $7, along with from

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