ADU 1304: Is the Anafi AI advised over drones such as Dji Mini 3 Pro?

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Today’s program is on the Anafi AI drone and why we advised it over the DJI drones in the past and if the Anafi AI still is the favored drone over the current offerings from DJI?

Our concern for today is from Easton who wishes to clarify something we spoke in 2020 about choosing the Anafi AI over the DJI items. Easton owns a DJI Mini 3 Pro and with the Mini 3 Pro, Easton wishes to understand whether we still suggest the Anafi and would like us to back our suggestions with pertinent information and info.

Thank you for the concern, Easton. We react to today’s concern by offering a fast summary and information on the time and resources utilized by a Phantom and Anafi AI for performing a drone mapping objective. We elaborate on how the Anafi AI compares to a few of today day drones on paramaters such as shutter, mapping time and ease of mapping and go over the crucial criteria that volume mappers require to remember while dealing with mapping tasks. We likewise check out ground tasting range and what effects it along with talking about the bigger sensing unit benefit of the Anafi AI. We likewise check out numerous offerings offered by present DJI drones such as the Mini 3 Pro, the Mavic 3 Business and when these drones can be used for mapping along with suggestions for mapping drones based upon on the ongoing argument on Chinese v American drone conversation.

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[01:14] Today’s concern on whether Anafi AI is a worth for cash drone?
[04:22] Paul compares the Phantom map and Anafi Ai and shares the information and time utilized for mapping and 3D modelling
[05:55] What are the guidelines of Ground tasting range and how the bigger sensing unit of the Anafi AI provides it an edge
[07:55] How does the Mavic 3 Business and Phantom compare to the Anafi AI
[08:43] Is the Mini 3 Pro fit for mapping?
[10:05] How does shutter effect the drone capabilities in mapping
[11:46] Should pilots aiming to purchase a drone with a 5k budget plan choose a Mavic 3 Business?

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