EDL 002: Raising Drone Life: Interview with Kevin Lederer and words of knowledge from pursuing a profession in RC and UAS market

We are very delighted to reveal the launch of Raising Drone Life, our brand-new podcast program hosted by PJ Kirkpatrick, Director of Operations, Drone U.

Raising Drone Life is a podcast for drone specialists by drone specialists. It is a podcast that takes you on a journey through the interesting and ever-evolving world of drone innovation.

Every week, we’ll be consulting with specialists from all strolls of the drone market, Drone U Elite Instructors and members to learn more about their experiences, insights, and suggestions for success. We’ll check out the current patterns in drone innovation, dive into real-world applications, and discover the special difficulties and chances dealing with today’s drone pilots.

On our program today, we talk with Kevin Lederer, Drone U Elite pilot, very long time RC and UAS pilot, Founder/Owner of SkyKing Images and learn more about his profession covering 4 years in the RC and UAS market.

Kevin generates years of experience and hardwork and is among Drone U’s elite trainer having actually not simply trained several pilots throughout the years however likewise having actually done a few of the most special and ingenious drone agreements the market has actually seen. Kevin discusses his life in RC and UAS drones, shares his experience with altering policies, how he landed the Amazon agreements, his knowledge on browsing agreements, training experience and knowing. Kevin likewise shares the very best practices acquired from 4 years of flying and offers informative suggestions on how pilots can accomplish success.

Tune in to this program as we check out the interesting world of drone innovation and find the incredible insights from Kevin in the drone market.

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[01:03] Discover how Kevin got in drones and drone services
[03:58] Kevin talks of his experience with 333 and 107 and the hours invested in practicing flight
[06:34] Find out about Kevin’s experience in dealing with agreements for Amazon centers and discussing to the consumer on drone deliverables
[08:58] How does Kevin browse through professionals and sub agreements and the methods drone pilots can secure themselves
[15:14] What are a few of the very best practices than Kevin suggests for drone pilots
[18:45] How has public security operations altered with the intro of drones in their programs
[25:02] Kevin speak about the significance of having flying time to enhance quality of shipment
[27:18] Kevin shares his experience with prices, frauds and holding your worth while pricing people

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