Flat vs curved phone screens? Everything boils down to evaluate size.

Flat vs curved glass smartphones

Robert Triggs/ Android Authority

We’re ruined for option with excellent phones; whether you seek remarkable efficiency, all-day battery life, or an excellent cam, the present market has you covered. Brand name commitment aside, a phone’s visual appeals and ergonomics are progressively differentiators in between designs. One pattern that still divides the masses holds true of straight versus curved edges

It’s just April, and I have actually utilized a lot of smart devices this year, from the huge Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to the little Apple iPhone 14 However raking through all these evaluations, I’ve discovered the holy grail of the ideal screen curve– if there is such a thing?

Though, prior to we enter that, a confession. In a perfect world, I concur with our readers; flat screens are much better. They look cleaner, for one. Material does not warp and vanish around the edges. You do not need to combat versus misregistering back gestures. Cases fit snugger, and screen protectors use with ease. It’s all real, every word.

Smartphones with straight edges

Robert Triggs/ Android Authority

Late 2022’s ASUS Zenfone 9, Apple iPhone 14, and Sony Xperia 5 IV have actually been a few of my preferred phones to utilize in the previous twelve months. The flat edges look sharp and clean-cut and feel similarly excellent to wield. Nevertheless, they all have something in typical; they’re more compact flagships and quickly pocketable. Reaching throughout an approximately 6-inch screen with flat edges is, for me a minimum of, simple enough while still nestling the phone securely versus my palm. By contrast, larger phones with completely flat screens do not work. A minimum of not the ones I have actually attempted.

Flat screens are excellent, however just as much as a specific screen size.

The web has actually generally concurred that the 6.7-inch Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is, honestly, awful to utilize. There’s no other way to type on this monstrosity conveniently, and I’m quite sure the serrated edges are to blame for a just recently found hole in my jean pocket. Strangely, the even bigger, gaming-focused nubia REDMAGIC 8 Pro is simpler to utilize in one hand, mostly due to the fact that it’s lighter, the smaller sized cam range makes it less top-heavy, and it has a grippy instead of glass back. It’s a bit troublesome, however you can stabilize the phone on your fingers instead of resting it in your palm, and reach your thumb over the screen simply great.

Thumb typing keyboard with large displays

Robert Triggs/ Android Authority

Structure a rather functional huge phone with straight edges is possible then, however you need to compromise the huge video cameras and glass backs that have actually ended up being associated with top-tier handsets. That’s not going to occur en masse.

Weight, glass, and heavy video cameras make curves a virtual requirement for one-handed usage.

Nevertheless, huge phones with curved screens frequently aren’t better. Battling versus the Google Pixel 7 Pro’s sloped edges each time I wished to swipe back stopped me from falling for the phone. Subtle curves look good, however make it tough to rapidly feel for the phone’s edge. I’m likewise not totally encouraged by the HONOR Magic 5 Pro’s “quad-curve” method, with symmetrically curved edges on both the front and back. It’s good to take a look at however, once again, the top-heavy cam and steady curve do not have a comforting grip.

I have actually utilized 2 phones just recently that strike the best balance for me; the OPPO Discover X6 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Both phones have closer to what I like to call C-shaped edge screens. Their curve is somewhat more abrupt, so there’s no sluggish moving off the edge of the screen, while still being ergonomic adequate to assist you reach throughout their large panels.

Curves aren’t constantly best, specifically if they make the phone absence that assuring grip.

You may have observed I stated the Galaxy S22 Ultra, not the more recent Galaxy S23 Ultra, and for an excellent factor. Even little modifications can make a distinction, and Samsung has actually relocated to somewhat more rectangle-shaped edges with the S23 Ultra. It’s subtle, however you can find the distinction when waiting side-by-side. The brand-new design is more (- shaped than C-shaped, if you see what I imply. If you have actually been craving an uncompromising flat flagship, the S23 Ultra may be ideal for you.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs S22 Ultra curve edge display

Robert Triggs/ Android Authority

You can definitely feel the modification when utilizing the phones in one hand. Nevertheless, I have actually grown familiar with the feel of reaching my thumb throughout the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s huge screen. The phone nestles conveniently into my palm while the extra curve practically enables me to reach the opposite of the panel; it’s practically workable and fairly comfy.

If you have actually been craving an uncompromising flat flagship, the S23 Ultra may be your best choice yet.

By contrast, the flatter Galaxy S23 Ultra feels more uncomfortable to me. The straighter edges do not gouge into my hand like the iPhone’s, and it’s far less blocky and top-heavy, so this style works a lot much better than Apple’s. However it’s moved a little too far towards a rectangle-shaped shape that you can’t rather get your hand around it as quickly. The phone isn’t any thicker, so this minor modification is what has actually lowered the convenience I have actually ended up being familiar with with the Galaxy S22. I expect I ‘d get utilized to it, ultimately. And who understands, possibly this is much better general? It definitely provides the phone a little additional comforting heft.

Samsung Galaxy S23 UltraSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

New 200MP primary cam • Gorgeous screen • S Pen performance

The Ultra release of Samsung’s 2023 flagship line

Powered by the exact same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 as the smaller sized designs in the series, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra provides bigger storage capabilities and a tremendous 200MP cam. S Pen assistance and a 6.8-inch screen make the Ultra suitable for note-takers on the go.

Eventually, this truly all does come down to choice, and who am I to state that you will not take pleasure in a boxier feel to your phone? Here’s what I have actually found out, though. For smaller sized phones, straight edges are certainly the method. If you like to tuck a bigger phone right into your palm, I ‘d suggest a subtle curve as the method to opt for remarkable reach. If you’re more of a finger-balancer or two-handed typer, then you’ll most likely get on simply great with whatever enormous piece takes your fancy.

TDLR: yes, curves are excellent, however there’s a limitation, and Samsung most likely has it practically area on. That stated, a lot of will likely slap a case on their phone anyhow, which negates much of what I have actually babbled on about for most likely a lot of words.

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