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AeroDefense O.W.L. AeroDefense Incorporates O.W.L.’s Radar for Layered Airspace Security System

by DRONELIFE Personnel Author Ian M. Crosby

Today, drone detection services company AeroDefense revealed that its AirWarden ™ system will be incorporating Observation Without Limitations (O.W.L.) radar ground and air detection ability. The combination will support the O.W.L. GroundAware ® household of 2D and 3D digital beamforming radar systems used by important facilities and federal government sectors worldwide.

Particular important facilities entities require a multi-layer innovation technique in order to secure versus unapproved drones. The combination O.W.L.’s radar innovation with the AeroDefense AirWarden RF spectrum noticing system leads to a service efficient in discovering both RF-based and radio-silent, little to big, low speed to high speed drones and their operators right as the drone is powered on.

In order to please drone detection users’ ask for optimum information to assist in assisting their security groups’ actions, AirWarden’s interface plainly shows each detection type and technique in a quickly recognizable way.

” By integrating the strengths of both systems, AirWarden provides our reformatory clients a contraband avoidance platform to spot and avoid air-borne contraband shipments by drone and ground-based contraband shipments by individuals or cars,” AeroDefense Establishing CEO Linda Ziemba. “It likewise provides our energy clients an integrated platform to spot both human and drone traffic at vulnerable electrical substations.”

” We have actually found out firsthand that layered security is necessary for thorough drone situational awareness,” stated O.W.L. President Tom Gates. “We are happy to partner with AeroDefense to supply their clients an included layer of low-altitude airspace monitoring, plus synchronised ground protection for discovering and tracking drone operators.”

O.W.L. will display the brand-new system at its exhibition in cubicle 11099 at ISC West, the nation’s most thorough security market conference, kept in Las Vegas from March 29th-30th.

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