BougeRV Yuma 200W CIGS photovoltaic panel evaluation: light-weight, rollable, resilient

A versatile, rollable photovoltaic panel

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The BougeRV Yuma 200W CIGS photovoltaic panel name may be a mouthful, however it is rather a flexible photovoltaic panel that can be utilized throughout a range of usage cases.

We’re utilized to seeing photovoltaic panels can be found in stiff square installs that are huge and heavy. Rather, they tend to fold into little suitcase-sized bring cases or are much bigger and planned for irreversible installing.

BougeRV has something a little various for the photovoltaic panel market– a versatile, rollable panel that’s incredibly thin and can be installed with adhesive. The Yuma 200W CIGS thin-film Flexible Photovoltaic panel is distinct in its capability to adjust to different surface areas for irreversible or portable usage. (* )This item fits an extremely particular market, so we will not state this is a go-to alternative for everybody. In addition, it will not change the energy of a more conventional briefcase-style photovoltaic panel in some circumstances, like when mobility and very little storage are a top priority. (* )Yuma 200W CIGS photovoltaic panel functions and style

Merely, this is a photovoltaic panel. Put it in direct sunshine, link it to a power station, and supply power to linked gadgets.

The Yuma 200W CIGS photovoltaic panel is comprised of copper indium gallium selenide (CIGARETTES) solar batteries, which are more versatile. They can keep a steady output even in the shade or if areas of the panel are harmed.

The cigarettes solar batteries enable the panel to fit curved surface areas

There is no glass in the building, that makes the whole enclosure more resilient and less susceptible to damage. The photovoltaic panel is likewise water resistant to the IP68 requirement– so it’ll endure the rain. (* )When rolled up, the Yuma photovoltaic panel has an 11-inch size and is 26 inches high. It presents to 85.6 inches and can just be rolled in one instructions, otherwise the cells will be harmed. It weighs just 7.05 pounds.

The CIGS solar cells allow the panel to fit curved surfaces

The panel is just 1mm thick, and the back is covered in double-sided adhesive. We have actually not eliminated the adhesive covers, as this would be utilized for more irreversible installing, like on a camper.

The Yuma 200W CIGS photovoltaic panel is rather big when presented

The Yuma 200W CIGS photovoltaic panel is what the name suggests– it produces 200W of output in perfect conditions. The MC4 ports work with any power station utilizing that port.

The panel can be linked in series or parallel with other photovoltaic panels to attain the wanted voltage or existing. The optimum system voltage is 1000V DC.

The Yuma 200W CIGS solar panel is rather large when rolled out

We have actually seen the briefcase-style photovoltaic panel with stiff glass building attain about 24% solar battery effectiveness. The Yuma photovoltaic panel has a 16% effectiveness, which is likely a tradeoff for its building.

We have the design with adhesive, however there is likewise a design with pre-drilled holes for more irreversible installing.

Utilizing the Yuma 200W CIGS photovoltaic panel

We didn’t have a perfect place to completely establish the Yuma photovoltaic panel, so it was checked as a more short-lived service. Sadly, there wasn’t a chance to utilize this photovoltaic panel in its aspect, like on an outdoor camping journey or throughout a blackout, however our screening reveals it’ll get the job done when needed.

The late afternoon sun and cloud cover didn’t do us any favors in screening

Out in the park on a partially cloudy day, the panel produced about 50W. This was likewise most likely due to the power station not being too low, at about 80% charge.

In direct sunshine, with the panels angled perpendicular to the sun, we have actually handled to get approximately 150W. This is regular for photovoltaic panels, as they need some level of accuracy to get the optimum ranking.

The late afternoon sun and cloud cover didn't do us any favors in testing

Anything above 100W is outstanding for keeping the battery at a very little discharge with our gadgets linked. Obviously, it isn’t going to charge a battery this size really rapidly, however it is much better than absolutely nothing– specifically if the power is out.

The Yuma 200W CIGS photovoltaic panel isn’t precisely portable, even when rolled up. It’s simply huge enough to be uncomfortable, however it’ll carry out in a pinch if this is your only photovoltaic panel.

Rollable solar

The Yuma Photovoltaic panel finest fits anybody looking for a semi-permanent alternative that can be moved or set up quickly. It can be adhered to the roofing system of your car or camper, on top of a tough camping tent, or the roofing system of your house– depending upon your existing requirements.

The Yuma 200W CIGS photovoltaic panel isn’t for everybody, however it finishes the job

When solar energy isn’t needed, it can be removed, rolled up, and saved without using up much area. Nevertheless, it is a large-ish things even when rolled.

We anticipate it will supply the most utilize as an irreversible or semi-permanent setup. Nevertheless, there are much better portable alternatives with this output and cost. (* )Yuma 200W CIGS photovoltaic panel pros

The Yuma 200W CIGS solar panel isn't for everyone, but it gets the job done


200W of optimal output


rollable, and simple to shop

  • Adhesive alternative offers a terrific semi-permanent setup
  • .

  • Yuma 200W CIGS photovoltaic panel cons
  • .
  • Not precisely portable or compact


Tough to get its optimal output without perfect conditions.

  • Ranking: 3.5 out of 5
  • The Yuma 200W CIGS photovoltaic panel does what it sets out to do. It’s an exceptional photovoltaic panel that offers approximately 200W of power and benefits from its thin, rollable nature.
  • Nevertheless, as pointed out throughout this evaluation, this is an extremely specific niche item. Unless you’re trying to find a photovoltaic panel with these particular specifications and style, there are likely much better alternatives.

Where to purchase the Yuma 200W CIGS photovoltaic panel

The Yuma 200W CIGS photovoltaic panel is

$ 529.99 on Amazon

A 7% discount rate at the time of publication.

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