Somebody please purchase me this Razer Atlas glass mouse pad

Mouse pads are something. Mouse pads made from glass? Rather another. This, a minimum of, is what I’m presuming based upon the advertising products for the Razer Atlas, Razer’s very first glass mouse pad. “Outright performance and toughness,” Razer’s site declares. “Experience pure refined accuracy,” journalism release needs of me.

The $ 99.99 tempered glass Atlas has an anti-slip rubber base, is readily available in black or white, and is 0.19 inches (5 millimeters) thick. However the essence behind a glass mouse pad, approximately I collect, is that you can slide a mouse throughout it extremely, extremely quickly.

It’s not like I have an issue with the speeds managed by whatever piece of foam is presently on my desk. However I simply keep taking a look at this thing, and I seem like sliding a mouse throughout it need to be paradise It may be the closest you can get to sliding a mouse through thin air. Perhaps it resembles utilizing a mouse on ice, however the ice isn’t cold? I’m unsure, however I require to discover as soon as possible.

Clicking quickly. As a real player should.
Image: Razer

The primary problem I can think about is sweat. Sorry, folks, however I’m going to bring it up. This looks like it might get extremely gross extremely rapidly if you’re sweating while blasting individuals in Overwatch (Is that a thing? I do not actually play Overwatch) Even if you’re using long sleeves, I presume that the periodic bump of a moist pinky versus the surface area of this thing might leave an unseemly constellation of spots.

Now, my initial research study has actually exposed that there are gaming-specific sleeves, which cover your arm and fingers, that you can purchase to fight this issue. I’m not positive that I might video game in among these for an extended amount of time without seeming like a member of heaven Male Group or something, however to each their own.

Oh, unless somebody wishes to purchase me this set of sleeves with what I believe is an infuriated panda on them. I will play Civ VI in these all the time. With the glass mouse pad.

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