Methods to clear up AWS MediaPackage PackagingGroup Quota Prohibit

In case you are the use of AWS Elemental MediaPackage and hit the next error, then you wish to have to both do one of the vital following:

Error: error looking forward to CloudFormation Stack (arn:aws:cloudformation:eu-west-1:800417762774:stack/dev-MediaPackage-Vod-1/511fc7a0-a092-11ed-b853-068baf6ac251) create: did not create CloudFormation stack, delete asked (DELETE_COMPLETE): ["The following resource(s) failed to create: [PackagingGroup]. Delete asked by way of person." "Useful resource handler returned message: "Prohibit exceeded for useful resource of sort 'AWS::MediaPackage::PackagingGroup'. Explanation why: You reached the quota for useful resource=PackagingGroup. Delete the assets that you just don?t want, or request a quota building up. (Carrier: MediaPackageVod, Standing Code: 429, Request ID: bc7a5f31-463e-4ac6-a9a2-438111dd201c)" (RequestToken: 135f9266-ddcd-1b8d-fdff-00e3837d5dc3, HandlerErrorCode: ServiceLimitExceeded)"]

Choice 1 Repair

Delete probably the most present Packaging Teams to transparent up house to create new ones

Choice 2 Repair

Request a quota restrict building up to a better quantity than the default of 10

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