Over half of kids in USVI have actually had dengue, making them qualified for vaccine

March 17, 2023

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Secret takeaways:

  • Amongst kids aged 9 to 13 years in the U.S. Virgin Islands, approximated dengue seroprevalence was 51%.
  • Kid aged in between 9 and 16 years can get a dengue vaccine if they have actually been formerly contaminated.

Scientist approximated that majority of kids aged 9 to 13 in the U.S. Virgin Islands have actually been formerly contaminated with dengue infection, making them qualified for vaccination, according to findings released in MMWR

A dengue vaccine has actually been authorized by the FDA considering that 2019 and suggested by the CDC considering that 2021 for kids aged 9 to 16 years in endemic locations with lab verification of a previous dengue virus infection.

Information stemmed from Mac VV, et al. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Representative 2023; doi:10.15585/ mmwr.mm7211a4.

Kids who have actually never ever been contaminated are not qualified to get the vaccine due to the fact that it can function as a very first infection, making the kid more prone to a serious case of dengue if they are contaminated naturally in the future.

Infection with among 4 serotypes of dengue infection gives resistance to that serotype however not to the other 3, and positions an individual at greater danger for extreme disease if they contract among the other serotypes.

According to the MMWR report, the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Health dealt with the CDC to identify the number of kids in the qualified age for vaccination had a previous dengue infection.

From April to May 2022, they performed a serosurvey that consisted of kids and teenagers in 3rd to seventh grade who were registered in 15 schools. With adult approval, the kids got screening for previous dengue virus infection utilizing a dengue immunoglobin G quick diagnostic test with 89.6% level of sensitivity and 95.7% uniqueness from around 5 L of entire blood acquired by fingerstick.

Of the 372 kids who were checked, 59% got an unfavorable outcome, whereas 41% were discovered to have had a case of dengue. The scientists approximated the seroprevalence amongst kids aged 9 to 13 years to be 51%.

” Other U.S. jurisdictions with endemic transmission of dengue infection must assess the threats, advantages, and expediency of integrating the dengue vaccine into their regional vaccine schedule and think about serosurveys to direct this assessment,” they composed.

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