How to see Summertimes Games Done Quick 2023 

2023’s edition of Summertimes Games Done Quick (SGDQ), the yearly weeklong speedrunning marathon for charity, begins on Sunday, and I can’t wait. For a whole week, SGDQ functions struck after hit of speedrunners beating computer game incredibly quickly or breaking them in abstruse methods, and it’s a wonderful method to read more about a few of my preferred computer game and get presented to brand-new ones.

This year’s program begins with a run of Sonic Frontiers, 2022’s “open zone” entry in the Sonic franchise, which appears apt. Got ta go quickly, right? And rest of the schedule is loaded with possible hits; personally, I have actually got my eye on the runs for Peggle Deluxe, Returnal, Kaizo Monkey Ball, and a benefit blindfolded run of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

While the totality of SGDQ 2023 will be streamed on Twitch, there will be an in-person part in Minneapolis, MN, indicating the streams ought to have additional energy thanks to the live audience in participation. This year’s program as soon as again advantages Medical professionals Without Borders.

SGDQ 2023 starts on May 28th at 1PM ET. It’s set up to end early in the early morning on June fourth.

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