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Ah, the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone– the reliable buddy that has actually taken you on numerous aerial experiences, recording spectacular video and awesome views.

However what takes place when your drone begins breaking down, declining to follow your commands, and typically being a discomfort in the props?

Worry not, dear reader, for we have a service– a factory reset!

In this post, we will direct you through the detailed procedure of how to factory reset your DJI Mini 3 Pro drone so that you can return to checking out the skies with ease.

Resetting your DJI Mini 3 Pro drone resembles offering it a revitalizing breath of fresh air. It can assist to fix software application concerns that might be triggering issues, like a glitchy app on your phone.

By resetting the drone, you can clean up any unneeded files or damaged information that might be slowing it down, leading to smoother and more effective efficiency.

However that’s not all– the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone has actually restricted storage area, and you do not wish to lose out on recording amazing video due to the fact that of an absence of area.

Resetting the drone can clean up unneeded files, like cached information or momentary files, to maximize important storage area. This indicates you can keep recording those awesome minutes without stressing over lacking area.

And if all else stops working, resetting your drone to its factory settings can be a game-changer. It resembles striking the reset button on your computer system, beginning fresh with no problems or mistakes.

This can get rid of any prospective concerns triggering issues with the drone, permitting you to return to doing what you like most– recording spectacular aerial video.

Now that we have actually talked about why you might require to factory reset your drone, here is the detailed guide on how to appropriately and securely reset your drone without coming across any concerns.

1. Back up your information

The initial step is to support your information.

Prior to diving into the factory reset procedure, let’s take a minute to value all the fantastic video and pictures your DJI Mini 3 Pro has actually caught for you.

Link your drone to your computer system utilizing a reliable USB cable television and move all your information to your computer system. This action is essential to guarantee you do not mistakenly remove any of your valuable memories throughout the factory reset procedure.

2. Switch off the drone

Action 2: Time to rest! Switch off the drone.

Now that your information is securely kept on your computer system, it’s time to shut off your drone. Hold down the power button up until the drone powers down and goes into a serene rest. It resembles embeding a kid for the night– so calming!

3. Hold down the power button and function button

Action 3: Get In the Matrix! Go into the factory reset mode

Are you all set to get in the secret world of the factory reset mode? Press and hold the power button and the function button concurrently up until the indication light begins flashing quickly.

It resembles you’re a hacker splitting a code to open a covert function– so cool! Launch the buttons and wait on the indication light to shut off.

4. Hold the power button and function button … once again

Action 4: Are you sure? Validate the factory reset

Now comes the decisive moment– are you sure you wish to factory reset your drone? Press and hold the function button for about 5 seconds up until the indication light begins flashing quickly when again. It resembles a last manager fight in a computer game– you require to be brave and definitive!

Launch the button and wait on the drone to reset. The reset procedure might take a couple of minutes, so kick back, unwind, and take pleasure in a cup of coffee or tea.

5. Reconnect the drone to your computer system

Step 5: Reunite with your drone! Reconnect the drone.

When your drone has actually gone through the factory reset procedure, it’s time to reunite with your reliable buddy! Switch on your DJI Mini 3 Pro drone and reconnect it to your computer system utilizing a USB cable television.

Transfer all your backed-up information to the drone so that you can relive all your fantastic memories. It resembles overtaking an old buddy you have not seen in ages– heartfelt, isn’t it?

6. Update the firmware

Action 6: Keep it updated! Update the firmware.

Now that your drone is back in action, it is essential to keep it updated with the most recent firmware. Link your drone to the DJI Fly app and follow the directions to upgrade the firmware. It resembles offering your drone a booster shot to keep it healthy and strong!

How to reset your Mini 3 Pro utilizing the RC

Additionally, you can likewise factory reset your drone utilizing the RC.

  1. You can do this by swiping below the top of your RC screen and after that tapping the ‘settings’ icon on top right corner.
  2. Scroll down and tap on ‘system.’ Under ‘system,’ you’ll discover a list of choices.
  3. Tap on the ‘reset choice’ from the ‘system’ choice, and lastly tap on ‘Remove all information (Factory reset)’ and voila! You’re done.

For simple understanding: swipe down on the screen >> > > tap on the “settings” icon at the to p right corner >> > > system >>> > reset choices >> > > Remove all dat a (Factory reset)

This will remove all user information and cache on the drone along with bring back all settings to factory settings.

A factory reset can be a lifesaver when your DJI Mini 3 Pro drone is breaking down. Nevertheless, it is essential to support your information prior to continuing with the reset procedure.

Follow these easy actions to securely and successfully factory reset your drone and get it back in the skies with no concerns.

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