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This month marks the 1-year anniversary of the Mini 3 Pro, launched in May of 2022.

With its release came the huge concern: Is it worth the upgrade from the Mini 2? Just like any upgraded DJI drone, lots of likewise questioned if the upgraded Mini drone might measure up to all the buzz that came related to it.

One year later on, we can state the Mini 3 Pro was not just worth the buzz however is likewise an excellent drone for novices, material developers, tourists, and anybody in between.

Would we still suggest it in 2023?

This post and the consisted of YouTube video are a 1 year evaluation of the Mini 3 Pro, focused on those considering purchasing a Mini 3 Pro a while after its preliminary release. In addition to this top-level evaluation of the Mini 3 Pro, we’ll likewise offer our ideas on why the Mini 3 Pro is a drone to acquire in 2023.

Produced the Masses

Among the lots of factors the Mini 3 Pro is so effective is that it does not concentrate on simply one location of drone owners, while all at once leaving out others.

We’ll quickly take a look at a couple of various kinds of drone owners that may take pleasure in utilizing the Mini 3 Pro.


Since of the Mini 3 Pros’ size and weight, brand-new drone owners make sure to discover the Mini 3 Pro to be an exceptional drone for their requirements. The Mini 3 Pro is light and rather nimble, something those brand-new to the pastime can and will value.

With its little size and fairly peaceful props (due to the pitch of the props), the Mini 3 Pro is not frightening nor presuming whatsoever.

Upon taking it out of package, one can with confidence seem like “I can fly this”, instead of the sensations of nervousness a number of us Phantom owners may have had at unpacking the Phantom line for the very first time and after that flying what appeared like a mad stockpile of bees.

Furthermore, novices do not need to handle the included pressure of signing up the drone in the United States, as it is under 250g.

The Outdoors Type

Continuing along the lines of size and mobility, those that mountain bicycle, trek, or do any kind of outside activity and like to movie themselves, will discover the Mini 3 Pro to be an exceptional buddy in their equipment bag or knapsack.

Utilizing a DJI RC, the Mini 3 Pro has the ability to release rather rapidly and easily. This is frequently a big plus, as getting in the air in the least quantity of time may indicate the distinction in between getting an excellent shot or missing it entirely.

In Addition, with there being a tri-directional barrier avoidance system, the Mini 3 Pro is more secure when flying around blockages than any of its predecessors, although an omnidirectional system would be the outright most safe.

Concerning the avoidance system, the Mini 3 Pro likewise gain from subject tracking, something those recording themselves outdoors will take advantage of.

Social Network & & Material Creators

When you integrate the size, weight, sensing units, and vertical shooting mode of the Mini 3 Pro, we are entrusted a drone that is rather efficient in dealing with lots of recording chances provided by media material developers.

Like the advantages discussed for the outside types, the Mini 3 Pro is appropriate for single-shooting material developers in the precise very same methods:

  • Light-weight and little footprint, for simple travel
  • Tri-directional barrier picking up, for Focus Track, Spotlight, and Active Track
  • Tru vertical shooting enables publishing to social networks websites without needing to crop videos or images


Utilizing the Mini 3 Pro for expert customer work might greatly depend upon what market the Mini 3 Pro will be utilized in.

The Mini 3 Pro can be utilized in a couple of scenarios for customer work. Nevertheless, it appears finest fit as a dependable backup to a primary drone that may have an image sensing unit bigger than the Mini 3 Pros’ 1/1.3 ″ CMOS sensing unit.

For example, our business has, over the previous year, utilized the Mini 3 Pro for outside property shoots and lakefront images and the images were rather excellent.

Image Credit: Dan Bayne/AISCF

These images worked well, since, for our property customers and a few of our customers in other markets, the images are being seen on smaller sized screens, primarily mobile phones.

For jobs that need us to expand the images for print, we utilize drones with 1 ″ sensing units.

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Build Quality

If you are anticipating a rock-solid, bullet-proof drone, the Mini 3 Pro is not that classification of drone.

Rather, the Mini 3 Pro is developed from light-weight plastic that, in the beginning touch, might appear to be rather low-cost. Nevertheless, this light-weight product help in keeping the Mini 3 Pro under the 250g weight limit.

Although the Mini 3 Pro may at first f eel like a toy drone, upon close examination it is assembled truly perfectly, as one would anticipate from DJI.

Image Credit: Dan Bayne

If you twist the drone in hand somewhat, while there may be very little flexing, it is not lightweight or low-cost sensation.

As a side note, among the important things I truly simulate about the Mini 3 Pro, which may not appear like a huge offer in the beginning, is the truth that unlike the majority of DJIs collapsible drones, you can fold/unfold the Mini 3 Pros limbs in any series you would like, not simply the front initially or raises initially. This allows you to get the drone up in the air somewhat quicker than previous drones, without truly believing excessive about it.

Size & & Weight

When one hears DJI Mini (insert design number here), it is understood right away that the drone is going to be little and light-weight.

Even with all of the developments contributed to this 3rd version of the Mini line (bigger video camera and included sensing units), the Mini 3 Pros weight is still under the 250g limit.

If accessories are prepared to be contributed to the Mini 3 Pro, such as landing equipment, prop guards, and even the bigger capability Plus batteries, the Mini 3 Pro then reviews the 250g mark.

In the United States, lots of Mini owners attempt to remain under 250g so as prevent needing to sign up the drone, as drones under 250g do not require to be signed up here in the United States.

There are 2 unique scenarios, nevertheless, where the Mini 3 Pro would require to be signed up, those being:

  • ( As discussed) Including peripherals and/or Plus sized batteries, pressing the weight above 250g, and/or
  • Utilizing the Mini 3 Pro for Industrial work, in which case you ‘d likewise require to be Part 107 accredited

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Since the Mini 3 Pro is a sub 250g drone, it does get bossed around a fair bit in windy conditions. Although the Mini 3 Pro is ranked to fly securely in 24mph winds, care is suggested if doing so.

When it is that windy out, the winds might significantly alter in speed and instructions, perhaps making it hard to fly the drone back to your position, and even worse, triggering the drone to crash into an individual or things.

With this stated, in decently windy conditions, although the Mini 3 Pro does get blown around, since of the stability of the 3-axis gimbal, video footage looks extremely smooth and constant

Battery Life

When the Mini 3 Pro was launched last Might, among the big draws was that it had 2 various capability batteries: a Requirement 2453 mAh alternative and a Plus 3850 mAh alternative.

The Basic alternative battery, which likewise is available in a fly more combination, has flight times of as much as 34 minutes, whereas the Plus alternative, which likewise is available in a fly more combination, boasts flight times of as much as 47 minutes!

DJI Mini 3 Pro Fly More Set

Fly More Set consists of 2 Smart Flight Batteries, a Two-Way Charging Center, information cable television, purse, extra props, and screws.

Purchase From Amazon

We make a commission if you purchase, at no extra expense to you.

05/15/2023 01:59 am GMT

While I have actually never ever had the ability to get flight times of 34 minutes on a basic battery, or 47 minutes on the Plus battery, I can with confidence state that with the Plus variation of batteries, you can undoubtedly get a fair bit of flight time.

As a guideline of thumb, for battery health, I normally land in between 25% and 30%. The time flying on the Plus battery alternative is so long, I am really shocked it is not time to land and alter the battery.

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Vision Sensing Units

New to the Mini line of DJI drones are the tri- directional vision sensing units discovered on the Mini 3 Pro: Front, Back, and Bottom.

With the sensing units allowed, you have 2 choices for barrier avoidance: Bypass and Brake

  • Bypass makes it possible for the Mini 3 Pro to scan the instant location and select the very best method around the barrier.
  • Brake stops the Mini 3 Pro from moving on when it senses a things.

In addition, you can turn all barrier avoidance off, enabling one to fly the small drone near to and in between numerous blockages and spaces.

Now that the Mini 3 Pro now has 2 brand-new front and rear sensing units, it can take pleasure in a number of the smart flight modes the Air 2, Air 2S, Mavic 2, and Mavic 3 lines take advantage of, such as:

  • Active Track
  • Spotlight
  • POI (Sight)
  • Hyperlapse
  • Master shots
  • Quickshots

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DJI RC Controller

When the Mini 3 Pro was launched, the DJI RC remote controller was likewise presented.

Like the initial DJI Smart Controller and the subsequent DJI RC Pro, the DJI RC has an integrated 5.5 ″ screen. Unlike the higher-end DJI clever controllers, with their 1000-nit screens, the DJI RC has a screen brightness ranked at 700 nits

Image Credit: Dan Bayne

Although not as brilliant as the higher-end DJI RCs, the screen on the DJI RC, for me in the brilliant Central Florida sun, has actually been a better experience than utilizing any of the iPhones, iPads, or Samsung tablets and phones I own.

Likewise, the screen brightness is consistent, significance it never ever dims, no matter how hot the RC gets.

Picture & & Video Quality

The Mini 3 Pro sports a 1/1.3- inch CMOS sensing unit, which is not just bigger than the sensing units in any previous DJI Mini drone however is likewise near to double the size of the sensing unit in the Mavic Air 2.

The Mini 3 Pro likewise has a large set aperture at f1.7, which enables it to take in more light than the f2.8 aperture lots of drones have, therefore taking higher-quality low-light images and videos.

Image Credit: Dan Bayne

With the Mini 3 Pro being out for a year now, there are lots and lots of video footage and social networks images online, taken with the Mini 3 Pro.

Taking a look at the abundance of video, one can fairly state without objection that the Mini 3 Pro not just takes outstanding videos however likewise top quality images.


The Mini 3 Pro has a 12MP video camera, comparable to lots of mobile phone on the marketplace today, and takes outstanding images.

Image Credit: Dan Bayne

What enthusiasts and experts alike will value is that the Mini 3 Pro takes both JPEG and RAW images all at once

For those brand-new to photography, RAW image files are particularly helpful as they record way more image info than JPEGs, enabling completion user the capability to truly modify the images to their preference.

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There is likewise an alternative to shoot 48MP images. This is done through some innovative techniques with the pixels in the Mini 3 Pros video camera. There are those that enjoy it and those that dislike it. I have actually utilized this alternative in the past on property tasks and produced excellent outcomes.

Image Credit: Dan Bayne

The Mini 3 Pro is likewise able to shoot in vertical mode, suggesting that the Mini 3 Pros video camera turns 90 degrees to take portrait-orientated images and videos. This is well fit for material developers and those that publish routinely to social networks websites like Tik Tok and Instagram.

When shooting vertically, images no longer need to be cropped physically, suggesting that the image remains in the frame and taken without any quality lost due to in-post cropping.

Image Credit: Dan Bayne

When shooting vertically, the whole Mini 3 Pros sensing unit is utilized, rendering the greatest quality images and videos.


The Mini 3 Pro can shoot video in the following resolutions and frames per second (FPS):

  • 4K 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, 48fps, 50fps, and 60fps
  • 2.7 K 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, 48fps, 50fps, and 60fps
  • 1080p 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, 48fps, 50fps, and 60fps
  • Slow Movement — 1080p 120fps


The Mini 3 Pro has 2 color profiles: Typical and D-Cinelike

D-Cinelike is a DJI-specific, relatively flat video color profile that, when picked, the video is taped in 10-bit 10-bit D-Cinelike works for those desiring one of the most versatility when color-grading their video.

The Typical profile works for those that are content with the in-camera color and either do not wish to color grade their video or simply wish to make very little direct exposure and color changes.

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With a couple of designs of DJI drones coming out given that the release of the Mini 3 Pro, specifically the Mini 3, Mavic 3 Timeless, and Mavic 3 Pro, is the Mini 3 Pro still a practical purchase in 2023?


With the Mini 3 Pro being at a good price-point, in addition to having lots of high-tiered specifications, the Mini 3 Pro is an excellent drone for novices, skilled enthusiasts, and even experts trying to find an excellent backup drone.

Likewise, given that the Mini 3 Pro is a years of age at the time of this post, there are lots of “near to brand-new condition” utilized Mini 3 Pros for numerous dollars less than brand-new rates, making them an even much better purchase in 2023.

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