Core i Series to Pave The Way to Ultra?

In an uncommon relocation, Intel’s director of international interactions, Bernard Fernandes, required to Twitter today to validate that the chip giant is preparing some chip branding modification for later on this year. Pointing out that the business is at an “inflection point” ahead of the launch of their Meteor Lake architecture customer CPUs later on this year, Intel is obviously establishing something brand-new for branding their very first mass-scale chiplet-based customer CPU.

Yes, we are making brand name modifications as we’re at an inflection point in our customer roadmap in preparation for the upcoming launch of our #MeteorLake processors. We will offer more information relating to these amazing modifications in the coming weeks! #Intel

While the tweet in concern does not particularly resolve what it remains in action to, from context and timing it’s likely a response to current reports that Intel is preparing to alter their branding technique for their Core household of customer chips. And while it’s AnandTech policy not to republish or otherwise talk about reports, a main remark from a high-ranking Intel PR agent suggests that this is no longer a simple report, which modifications are undoubtedly in the works.

The existing Core paradigm has actually remained in location because late 2008 with the launch of the generational Core household and the now familiar i3/i5/i7 tiers. While Intel has actually because included the i9 tier and had fun with suffixes a couple of times in the last 15 years, Core branding has actually stayed reasonably constant as a whole for what’s ended up being 13 generations of parts.

However if the reports hold true, then the Core household will quickly lose its i-series name. Based upon benchmark information submitted to the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark outcomes database– a well-known source of leakages from hardware testers who overlook to shut off outcomes reporting– an Intel Core Ultra 5 1003H has actually been found in the database. Which in turn recommends that Intel is planning to phase out the Core i-series branding for brand-new Core Ultra branding.

To be sure, Intel’s tweet does not validate the Ultra branding; and Ashes alone is not a reliable source. However considered that Intel has actually decided to validate that they are making some brand name modifications to line up with the Meteor Lake launch, if it’s not Ultra, then some other type of branding modification is plainly in the works.

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