Washington Court Sides With Renter After Lower Court Misapplies Expulsion Law

The Washington Court of Appeals reversed an order approving a writ of restitution, after identifying a lower court incorrectly analyzed a state statute to force out a Washington guy who rented and resided in a shed on a couple’s residential or commercial property.

In a Might 2 viewpoint, Judge Linda CJ Lee for the Department II held that the remarkable court had actually erred in approving a writ of restitution to Matthew Howard and Cynthia Forland, as it was based upon an inaccurate analysis of RCW 59.18.650( 2 )( d), expulsion of occupant, rejection to continue occupancy, and end of duration occupancy. Lee reversed the order, remanding for the remarkable court to dismiss the case, and award lawyer costs and expenses to the occupant, James Pinkerton.

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